Tomb construction

- Launch our Discord and website.

- Complete pixel artwork.

- Create a custom generator for Lost Civz.

- Building a strong and authentic community.

- Collaborations and giveaways on social media.


- Verify on marketplaces, e.g


- Holders will be airdropped incremental rewards based on the quantity of Lost Civz they have in their wallets..

- Community chest funds will be allocated based on holder voting, e.g promotions, collaborations with holder's favourite communities, and floor-sweeping (to be used in giveaways for loyal Civz).

Tomb opens

- 750 Mummies will be available during the pre-sale on 21st of April, 2022 (5PM UTC).

- Remaining Mummies will be available in the public sale on 22nd of April, 2022 (5PM UTC).

- 4 Gods (1/1s) will be scattered amongst the collection during our 'Egyptian Civilisation' mint.

- Royalties (5%) allocated to our community chest.

- Community voting on when we release our rarity table to CNFT.Tools.


- Reward holders of our 'Egyptian Civilisation' with a mint pass, making them eligible for whitelist for our new upcoming collection.

- Community focus on voting for post-mint routes, e.g creating a new collection, producing merch, or developing our 'Egyptian Civilisation' into phase 2.

A new era


Please note that the Lost Civz project roadmap is subject to change due to being a community-driven project. 


Lost Civz does not constitute investment advice, trading advice, or any types of advice. It is strongly recommended that before making any financial decisions, conduct your research thoroughly and consult your financial advisor.